Saturday, July 25, 2009

One of the coolest toys I've seen! You've got to get one for your child!

A friend of mine bought this for her son, and when they came to visit recently, my own son fell in love with this turtle. My friend then got on Amazon and bought one for my son as a late birthday present, and let me tell you--he LOVES it. He carries this turtle around with him all the time, and sleeps with it too. The buttons are easy for little fingers to push, giving them control over the lights (turtle turns dark blue, green, and then a light blue). Stars reflect up when the lights are on the turtle, and there are also 5 circular lights on the edge of the shell that light up and show different sea animals (otter, whale, seahorse, dolphin, turtle).

This is such a great toy that I wanted to post about it, so here is a picture of it and a link directly to Amazon if you want to check it out. FREE SHIPPING too from Amazon if you order it. They also have a ladybug that lights up! I may buy that one for my daughter, because she also loves the turtle.

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