Sunday, July 26, 2009

Do you know about Cashbaq?

Cashbaq is a website that PAYS you cash back into an account (payable quarterly by check or via Paypal) for shopping online through their website.

For example, my husband is always buying stuff on iTunes. If he first goes through Cashbaq and selects the iTunes store from their list of stores, he'll get 3% cash back in his Cashbaq account on every iTunes purchase he makes! It's THAT easy to make extra money. There is no catch, and it's completely FREE to sign up! You'll even get $5 in your account to start out, just for signing up! And there are sooo many stores that you can get cash back from--you are bound to find the store you're looking for and make some extra money shopping!

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  1. Hi Jen-

    Thank you for getting the word out about Cashbaq! We now have over 2,700 stores, and that number is growing if you can believe it.

    We actually pay out to members around the 20th of each month. There is a 90-day wait period from the time to purchased to to when you get your check. The stores do this to cover any returns people may make. We do our best to speed up that process in any way possible.

    We love sending our members checks and people like your husband see how much savings can add up once the check is in their hands or the PayPal funds are put in their account.

    Thank you again for being a valued Cashbaq shopper!

    Cashbaq Team Member



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